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Latest News and Updates

This is where you'll find the Latest News and Updates from U.A. Plumbers & Steamfitters Local 22, ranging from our Upcoming Events Calendar to additions and changes in our Training Course Calendar. Check back with us from time to time so you can keep up with what Plumbers Local 22 is offering its union membership across Western New York.




Union Meeting

The union meeting will be held on Thursday, February 9th, 2017.


Union Meeting

Meetings will start at 5:00 PM

The union meeting will be held on Thursday  February 9th, 2017 at 5:00PM

Please make every effort to attend the meetings.

Meetings are held at the Mathew Glab Post, 1965 Abbott Road, Lackawana, N.Y. 14218. The meetings are held on the second Thursday of the month and will start at 5:00PM....


Special Events




is watermelon a natural viagraCall to reserve your spot ASAP (36 Max in each class)

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All empty Seats will be filled with Other Building Trades 1 week Prior to Start

 ALL CLASSES 5:00pm - 9:00pm


Send or bring a copy of your paid plumbing license into the union hall and your license will be reimbursed by the PSIC


Look for our new shirts

There is a new supply of Local 22 T-Shirts, long and short sleeve, and also sweatshirts.

We now have a limited supply of winter knit hats w/ UA 22 embroidered.




U.A. Plumbers & Steamfitters Local 22

Welcome to our new web site, which has been updated to provide an array of valuable and important information for our members and those seeking a career with U.A. Plumbers & Steamfitters Local 22.

If you didn't know, our highly-trained and skilled member plumbers, pipe and steamfitters, heating and air-conditioning technicians have been involved in constructing many of Western New York's major and most recognizable building projects over the years, including the Albright-Knox Art Museum in Buffalo, the Buffalo Niagara International Airport, DuPont Chemical, the Seneca Nation of Indians' casinos in Niagara Falls and in Salamanca, and Ralph Wilson Stadium, to name just a few.

And we just didn't build these projects by accident. Local 22's member plumbers and steamfitters achieve a high level of quality by completing a multi-year and extensive apprenticeship program at our Orchard Park, N.Y.-training center. Our union provides nothing but the best when it comes to skilled trades people for employment at dozens of union contractors located across our eight-county region. In return, prevailing wages, health coverage and retirement benefits are enjoyed by our membership and their families. To learn more about U.A. Plumbers & Steamfitters Local 22, take the time to check out our links on the left side of our home page, including our Apprenticeship, Training and Recruitment areas. You won't be sorry you did.